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The High Divide

Job: The High Divide

Client: Algonquin Books

Art Director: Anne Winslow

With a storyline set in the 1800s American West, my client originally had a sepia toned look to the cover. I was asked to bring in more of a hand colored feel and greater atmosphere overall. Below are after and before covers, as well as the original hardcover version at the bottom.


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Mass Markets

Sometimes go back into my archives to look for something a client wants to look at or discuss. I recently had that request, and came across a few mass market titles I’ve done over the years, but never published. Most of these made it onto covers, but a few wound up as sketches.



One Summer – David Baldacci

onesummerJob: One Summer

Client: Grand Central Publishing

Art Director: Diane Lugar

Recently I was asked to work on the repackaged paperback edition of One Summer by David Baldacci. Baldacci is more widely known for thrillers so this title, a story set in South Carolina with a family coping with loss, is somewhat of a departure from him.


The initial thought was to have a couple embracing on a southern looking beach. Things like water color, sky color (if a tropical setting), the look of the sand, landscape terrain, boardwalk and house style all are considered depending on where the story is set.

Working with existing stock images, in Photoshop I created a series of comps depicting this idea.

234It was then noted the story line was more sober, so the couple should be more reflective, less focus on them and be part of the overall landscape. The art director also decided to go with the title type style that was used on the original hardcover edition.

6Eventually everyone liked a quiet, reflective couple on the beach with soft, pretty colors. My favorite part is seeing it on the bookshelves, or better yet, seeing someone reading a copy!


Skinnydipping – Bethenny Frankel

Job: Skinnydipping

Client: Touchstone/Simon & Schuster

Art Director: Cherlynne Li

Bethenny Frankel is best known for her reality show “Bethenny Ever After…“, Skinnygirl brand of cocktails and healthy eating recipe books. This is her first work of fiction.

Originally for the cover concept, the editors wanted to show a sexy cocktail with the NYC skyline as a backdrop. After a few sketches, the decision was made to have Bethenny herself be on the cover. Celebrity photographer Joseph Cultice took the original image of Bethenny, which we then incorporated into the cover.

A few variations on the look of the water (I thought bubbles could represent champagne or a jacuzzi) and the skyline were considered before settling on a final water version with soft ripples to allow for  type. Set in both Hollywood and New York City, the art director wanted to show both city sky lines with Bethenny centered between both worlds surrounded by water as a fun way to tie into the title. Everyone seems very happy with the final cover.




Toys – James Patterson Paperback

Job: Toys

Client: Hachette

Art Direction: Diane Lugar

This job came to me with a cover that had been in the works. The editors had liked the direction, but thought the guy looked too young and the girl was too party girl looking. Instead, they wanted more of a James Bond feel, with a sophisticated woman in the background.

A sample of the first revises, I included an older male in tuxedo with a more urbanely dressed girl running behind, keeping a plane in the background. However, they thought the girl looked to go-go looking, wanted to remove the plane and wanted the guy running in action.

For the second round, I included more action poses with a gun, and a smaller woman in a ball gown behind him. By taking out the plane, the focus is now on the two characters and less busy. A few more tweaks and they selected which man and woman to use, with a red sunset sky in the background backlighting the two figures.