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The Window on Noda

I was recently asked to showcase two of my photo illustrations for The Window on Noda, a window gallery in Charlotte’s Noda neighborhood. Noda has long been center of Charlotte’s art scene, with Ruth Ava Lyons and her husband Paul Sires, acting as catalysts for the revitalization of the former mill village 25 years ago. They formed and ran The Center of the Earth Gallery in the heart of Noda for over two decades. The gallery has since closed, but Ruth continues her Lyons Fine Art Consulting in the former gallery’s window front, The Window on Noda.

“Happiness” is an earlier work, from a series of five meditating women with good luck symbols surrounding them. “Candy and Pheromones” is a new piece about the coming of Spring, and it’s rituals in the plant and animal kingdoms.

Both pieces are archival prints on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, each an edition of 50. For information about purchasing either piece, please contact Lyons Fine Art Consulting.


The Light Factory Auction 2014




Over the weekend, I participated in the 31st annual Light Factory Auction! Held once a year, the purpose of the auction is to raise funds for the following years budget for hiring teachers, creating exhibitions etc… Over 80 pieces were part of the show, where the public could bid on pieces through both a silent or live auction.  Among the live auction prints were Annie Leibovtiz, Aaron Siskind, Keith Carter, and many others. My piece “Daydreamers” was part of the silent auction, which I created specifically for the show. My friend who came out to support me, wound up purchasing a Richard Renaldi print. All going towards a good cause of supporting The Light Factory!

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Influenced Art Show


Recently I was asked to participate in the group show, Influenced Art. All of the art was created as part of a collaborative art project that started with 40 children in West Charlotte, NC.

In August of 2014, local artist Jonathan Grauel led a group of children through an exploration of the basics of creation and art, producing a series of small panels, who’s imagery was  influenced by a collection of artifacts from Rwanda.

Each panel was then given to a working artist, nearly 30 from the United States and Europe, who then created a new work a reaction to the child’s panel, echoing the child’s artworks and the original artifacts. For the show, the child’s work and the working artist’s piece will be hanging side by side.


Above work: left, Sahara Plueddemann; right, Melody Cassen

As stated on their website, “All proceeds from the sale of work in this show will benefit the efforts of Warehouse 242 to collaborate with individuals building and sustaining Income Generating Activities (IGA’s) in Rwanda and Zimbabwe. The IGA’s they support are self-sustaining businesses that are created by, built by, and staffed by individuals living in communities in sub-Saharan Africa that have been impacted by the HIV/AIDS crisis and the plague of genocide. Through seed loans and coaching, they work to enable native leaders to employ men and women in their communities to provide a sustainable path out of poverty that is not dependent on outside funding or control.”

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area please come by Friday, November 14 at 7pm to celebrate the opening! #influencedART


Post opening follow up… some of the pieces at the show. Many were original paintings, others were digital images. And, I got to meet Wan Marsh, who is one of my favorite local artists.


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United Nations International Day of Peace


This is a piece I specifically created for Charlotte, North Carolina’s participation in the United Nations Day of International Peace on Saturday September, 20th 2014 at the Neighborhood Theater.

Working from a model’s image I photographed in the studio, my intention was to add elements around her to convey a sense of global unity, but more specifically the interconnectedness of all life, from the tiniest insects to humans to the planet as a whole.

With a honeycomb on her left shoulder, and placing flowers and apples over her heart, I meant to suggest life giving. Sacred geometry white line art over her right shoulder, indicates radiant spirit is everywhere, in everything, the source of all life. The spectrum coloring in the background conveys unity and white doves, naturally say peace.

Learn more about the United Nations International Day of Peace and details for the upcoming live event at the Neighborhood Theater in the Charlotte area.