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Jessica Swift Pattern Camp – Learning How to Create Repeat Patterns

Something I’ve always wanted to learn more about was creating repeat patterns on the computer. My thinking is, such a skill can come in handy for creating backgrounds or textures for things like package designs, or textiles and possibly integrating pattern designs into my photo illustrations. So last fall when Jessica Swift offered an online class, I signed right up.

The class itself was a two day weekend intensive where you could follow along live, or watch each lesson video on your own time table. Jessica broke down each step involved so I never felt overwhelmed. We learned how to import sketches into Illustrator and convert into line, step and half drop repeats in both Illustrator and Photoshop.


Coming up in February of 2015, Jessica Swift is offering another session of her Pattern Camp!

Registration is now open and the details are:

WHEN: FEBRUARY 7-8, 2015.

WHERE: Online classes via the Pattern Camp website. You can watch and do the lessons live, or anytime that suits your schedule. The lessons remain up for one month so you have ample time to practice!

COST: $199 USD January 6-8 ONLY. Regular price $239 USD, beginning on January 9, 2015.

MORE DETAILS: Check out the Pattern Camp website for more information and how to register.

You will really enjoy taking this class! It’s well structured and packed full of information. Jessica is with you the entire time to answer questions and provide feedback. She put her heart into the course, and it shows!

Here is some of what I created from the course. Granted, it was my first attempt at this!


Beginning with a black/white hand drawn sketch (above feather) I added colors, duplicated it, and created other color combinations in Illustrator. From there I created my first step and repeat pattern on a white background. The feathers pattern on a black background is still a step and repeat, but I tweaked the sizing and positions of the feathers to not look so similar.


Playing around in Illustrator with fonts and brushes.


Next I created a half drop repeat pattern in Illustrator.