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The High Divide

Job: The High Divide

Client: Algonquin Books

Art Director: Anne Winslow

With a storyline set in the 1800s American West, my client originally had a sepia toned look to the cover. I was asked to bring in more of a hand colored feel and greater atmosphere overall. Below are after and before covers, as well as the original hardcover version at the bottom.


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The Sisters Brothers cover retouch

Job: The Sisters Brothers

Client: Harper Collins

Art Director: Allison Saltzman

For this job, my client needed me to take the original daguerreotype image and match it to the bluer sepia tone comp that was approved for the final cover.

The key was to colorize and clean up the photo somewhat, removing the frame, yet still keep the sepia, vintage feel to the image.


The Sportsman – Dhani Jones book cover

Job: The Sportsman
Client: Rodale
Art Director: Amy King

For this cover, the art director wanted a textural effect added to the original black and white image of Dhani Jones taken by photographer Abbey Drucker.

Jones, a star football player, wanted to portray himself on the cover in a more multi-faceted light. Given his involvement not only in pro sports, but in the reality show Dhani Tackles the Globe, where he travels around the globe playing international sports and exploring different cultures, to various business ventures and writer and sports commentator.


The Perfect Happiness – Santa Montefiore

Job: The Perfect Happiness Client: Simon & Schuster Art Director: Cherlynne Li

For this job the art director and editors were in agreement on the concept of a women in a field, but wanted a more luscious environment that better reflected the setting of the book, Africa. Seeking a mood similar to that of the movie Out of Africa as well as keeping to the format of the author’s first book The French Gardner, we went through a series of comps depicting different couples before decided on a single woman. I think the single women gives it a bigger book look. I’m really happy with the way it came out.