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Dance Buttons

Posted September 17, 2016 in Graphic Design

Recently I was asked by a local dance group, the,  to design buttons to be worn by dancers indicating whether they were beginners, advanced or danced both lead and follow roles. This helps to quickly identify who dances what roles on the dance floor when selecting a partner.

For the I LIKE BEGINNERS button I wanted to associate blue, as blue suggests trust and calm. For the NEW DANCER button, I chose red, as that is the color associated with the dance group and I wanted something that would be bright and alert others this is a new dancer, handle with care. For the I DANCE BOTH ROLES button, I chose a rainbow color as that indicates unity or all inclusiveness. I wanted the buttons large and bright to be seen while moving on the dance floor.

Below are sketches I created to work out the design and coloring. The final three designs are along the top with a photo of the final buttons.