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Roost is a global home rental concept website and app whose audience is well traveled or looking for alternative places to stay when abroad. This website and app enables renters to quickly search, locate and contact the owner/agent. Would also allow people to list properties as well, in a landlord section, but I did not build that task flow out in this example.

Task Flow Chart

Beginning with pencil sketches first, I outlined what I thought the specific steps were to go from the website landing page, searching for housing, finding a home, and then contacting the agent.


Mood Board + Style Guide

The name “Roost” suggests a rooster, or early riser. Positive, upbeat energy. Up and at it adventurer. Giving images a warm tint with navy blue for grounding, directional stripes and plenty of white, I wanted to convey a clean and welcoming interface suggesting inspirational escapism and off the beaten path experiences. 

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Website low fidelity wireframes

Began sketching wireframes based on my task flow and researching other websites. Focus here is on functionality of the core pages.


Mobile task flow wireframes

Working from my task flow chart, I created a basic run through of searching for an apt., selecting a property, and contacting an agent.


Selected Screen Shots


Roost website + mobile app concept


Roost Global Home Rentals

Research, design and prototype a responsive website for an online apartment finder.


UI Design

Wireframing + Prototyping


Sketch, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


3 weeks


Link to prototype